Transgenerational crimes and new radioactive weapons

Transgenerational crimes and new radioactive weapons

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In March 2013 we suffered an epidemic of statements about weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons in Syria. At the same time, the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by the United States is celebrated with the excuse of weapons of mass destruction.
The report exposes the scientific evidence of the secret use of new radioactive weapons in Iraq and other theaters of war such as Lebanon. You can see its terrible results: fundamentally increased cancers, malformations, mutations and genetic damage.
It gives examples of how the large disinformation media are once again responsible for covering up crimes not only of war and against humanity, but crimes that by their nature are much more serious; they are transgenerational crimes.
The radioactive particles released by radioactive uranium weapons, given their size, cannot be eliminated and their aerosols expand thousands of kilometers in a matter of days. What has happened in Iraq is just one example of a catastrophe that inevitably ends up affecting us all.
The hypocrisy of the United States and Israel about the chemical weapons that Syria has never used is as blatant as the excuse of the weapons of mass destruction that served as an alibi to invade and destroy Iraq. 10 years later they still have not been found. It is doubly hypocritical because they are the main users in all wars of weapons of mass destruction, much worse since they affect the genetic heritage of humanity.

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