The pink moon of April 19

The pink moon of April 19

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You already knew about the blue moon, the blood moon and so many others ... but did you know about this pink moon that it will happen at Easter?

The pink moon will be seen this Friday, April 19, and it will be a beautiful spectacle in the sky to behold. But the moon won't really look pink, the satellite will look its characteristic white color.

But why is it called the pink moon then? Something that characterizes us as humans is the fact of being creative and projecting symbols in the brightness of the moon. On this occasion, the name of the moon is due to the season in which it appears, spring in the northern hemisphere.

What is the pink moon?

Long ago, Native Americans baptized the full moons they observed, connecting it with facts of nature. That is why they chose names like wolf blood moon, worm moon, corn moon and others.

This information is a recorded heritage of these ancient settlers. Native Americans watched the sky keenly to measure harvest cycles from the moon. The record of all the full moons of the year was recorded in a 1792 text calledThe Farmer's Almanac. This book contained information about the seasons, the skies, and the weather, and is in fact so useful that it continues to be published today.

On this occasion, the pink moon is named after a beautiful metaphor: it appears at the same time that the pink flowers of the Phlox open their buds in the fields of North America.

How to see it?

This month's full moon will look especially large, about the same size as a supermoon. According to the information from, the pink moon will reach its maximum brightness this Friday, April 19, but it can be seen from dawn and the night before, as soon as the sun sets.

To check the time zones of each country, you can check this link. The United States will be the most favored country to appreciate it from 4am on the west coast.

Make plans to see this phenomenon that does not happen every day. If you have the opportunity, take the opportunity to go out, get some fresh air. You can even meditate a bit: admiring the brightness of this moon can be a personal ritual to celebrate another cycle that is beginning.

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