The hidden impact on our health of wireless communications

The hidden impact on our health of wireless communications

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Imagine that you come home after work to discover a new tower of microwave antennas on the edge of your backyard? How would you answer?

If you've had non-existent cell phone reception for years (or were a tech enthusiast when it comes to faster downloads) then you might find a reason to celebrate!
You might respond as an ambivalent citizen with no decision-making power: "I really wonder about those things, but I can't do anything about it anyway."

You may be in the growing group of empowered action takers. Whether you've experienced microwave radiation sickness attributable to exposure or read books and articles on the subject that resonate with your own truth.

Out of sight is not as disgusting

Now forget the antennas in the backyard. Rather, on the same day you came home from work, the telecommunications companies had erected a microwave antenna 300 meters from your residence. They paid someone for the rent to place it in a stealth location, a church steeple, behind the front of a store, or in a hidden water tower behind a park. Or it could have been located fully visible, say on the side of a road. We are already seeing so many of these towers that we don't even register them. Our innate sensitivity has often numbed them in the same way that we can numb to catastrophe or violence through a constant diet of Hollywood news and TV.

Telcos seek to radiate a large area (coverage) and increase data speed because:

Multiple emitted wave frequencies (a variety of microwave frequencies generated and sent through the ether by antennas) - for example, the 700 MHz (0.7 GHz) band is highly penetrating (even through buildings) and therefore it is especially effective in combination with the 2600MHz Band (2.6 GHz) which has a high data rate (PENETRATION + HIGH DATA = HAPPY TELCO and happy customers). [mks_highlight color = "# d7cce2 ″] Note that these frequencies are used for cooking meat. [/ mks_highlight] The microwave oven you left in the landfill recovery area the other week runs at 2.45 GHz.

Increasing the 'volume' or microwave power density in the antenna array, in the same way that we raise the volume of our stereo. This is the same "invisible item" emitted by your mobile device and WiFi. In the example above, when the antenna tower was on the edge of your backyard (say 100 meters from your bedroom), you would probably complain: "Not in my backyard!" When you are 300 meters away and out of sight There is no way to complain since you don't even know! Even if you are located on the side of a road, you may not consider taking action, such as the distorted form of information being conveyed to the public (More on this later).

Distance is an important consideration according to the Inverse Square Law for the distance from the source (of microwave radiation) - Intensity α 1 / distance.²

If the antenna was 100 meters away and then moved 300 meters, the intensity will be 1 / 9th that at 100 meters. However, what if the telecommunications company raised the ‘volume’ of the antenna to 300 meters to be 90 times higher than the antennas at 100 meters? The intensity would then be = 1/9 x 90 = 10 times greater at 300 meters than at 100 meters. Most of us don't spend evenings looking for data on local antenna emission levels.

The inverse square law applies similarly to devices. Many years ago I had a Telstra wireless modem that was under a couch. I enjoyed laying on it at night to read, but it was not a smart move. I was wondering why my dream was so chaotic during that phase. I correlated to show that the pre-bed ritual of a book on the couch was the problem. Since then I have wired my internet.

Transform your brain health by simply reaching out with your arms outstretched and putting the phone on "speakerphone" instead of pressing it against your ear and literally "cooking" parts of your brain.

Working with trajectory and strategic location: there is an overlapping strategy to eliminate “black spots”. One element that can help (and hinder) this strategy is the trajectory. If in the example above, the tower 100 meters from your bedroom is 50 meters high in Figure 1 (note this is only indicative software) and you live on a 10th floor, then it could be on the line of direct fire. If you were in a house on the ground floor, the power density (or exposure levels) would not be as high. However, consider the “side lobes” which are the high intensity diagonal lobes that depend on the antenna design / type. There is a myth that you are "protected" directly under an array of antennas. Due to the side lobes, this is not the case, although you are less exposed than if you were directly in front of him.

Faster download rates PLEASE MR TELCO

Telecommunications companies suggest that the market is calling for faster data rates and "eradication" of mobile black spots. The suggestion is that we want high speed coverage everywhere.

Telecommunications companies tell us that the public demands faster rates on their devices and that is why they need to build more towers and increase power density. Do you want to download ten videos simultaneously instead of just one? We are an uninformed public with minds manipulated by public relations and advertising. We are informed about the benefits of a wireless world, such as convenient communications, improved work efficiency, and safety devices.

The law of polarity holds that whenever there are benefits, we find deficiencies. We do not hear that in 2009 more than 300,000 Swedes indicated that they are harmed by electromagnetic radiation. We are not presented with the stories of thousands of Australians experiencing anxiety, headaches, mental confusion and even heart palpitations, lost in an unreceptive, outdated and often mocking medical system. We are not aware of the snake oil industries that have sprung up to 'serve' the desperate.

Currently 'we' as individuals are not demanding faster downloads. There is a collective entity that influences and can make it difficult for us to create a space to 'see'. I turn on my phone for around 10-20 minutes a day. Not everyone can do this, and you may have a work lifestyle that requires more connectivity in the future. Why not experiment? The act of experimenting is an act of questioning the status quo. How low can you go?

Am I being microwave shaken?

For those who have been feeling 'bad' for no apparent reason, with headaches, anxiety, a general 'nervousness' and irritation, insomnia, and perhaps more extreme symptoms such as tingling in the limbs, brain fog and palpitations, the answer may be YES. Exposure to microwave radiation is not the only contributor, however, it is one of multiple environmental factors.

In Playing God, the biological and spiritual effects of electromagnetic radiation, I present a comprehensive palette for someone seeking the next level of awareness. For a time, I helped clients who had been baffled by the inability of alternative physicians and professionals to diagnose and provide a path to health. Many had been searching for the causes of their health problems for years and were absolutely desperate.

I would start by checking with the client:

How are things in your life? Are there emotional contractions that contribute to the cellular stress response? There is no room to 'heal' if cells are overwhelmed by stress. Usually many of us have overexcited nervous systems and cells literally never rest. I have some tools to work with retained trauma and therefore create spaces for recovery. Someone in optimal health (physical / emotional / spiritual) is unlikely to experience microwave sickness symptoms as their cells are released to detoxify.

Have you experienced a recent zoonotic infection? Have you had recent tick or mosquito bites? Do you live near animals? Chickens? A dog as a pet? Rats in the house? Many people unknowingly have zoonotic bacterial infections, such as Lyme-type infections (and many more). Medical professionals are particularly weak in the area of ​​"new" bacterial infections, not only weak but also uninteresting (above all, there are some exceptions). Symptoms of overexposure increase significantly when the client is plagued with infections. Without addressing zoonotic infections, progress will be limited.

Tell me about your life situation? Many had a WiFi modem running all night just six feet from their bed. Other customers left their mobile device running on their nightstand overnight (as I did many years ago). We would work to reduce the radiation load with simple strategies. Sometimes multiple chemical sensitivity would come into the picture and we'd fix it. From time to time, he offered advice on radiation shielding alternatives, but always as a last option. My experience with those who sell so-called "solutions" was that many were "salespeople" rather than technical experts.

How do you see yourself as an empowered action taker? We are those of us whose lives have been redirected by health problems, who often become agents of change. How can you share your new awareness? Could you speak to the teachers and parents at your child's elementary school or at your local medical center? Can you ask the council NOT to turn up the power of the suburban tower? You can have fun at home but from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. turns off!


As you read these words, you are exposed to levels of background microwave radiation, in the tens of thousands and in some cases millions of times more than if you had been reading this two decades ago. Many of you are completely healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually and are not disturbed by these radiation energies, and this can continue to be so. Some of you are now considering that your "persistent" low-level anxiety and insomnia may be related to microwave exposure as one of multiple factors.

I presented to the measurers the perspective of microwave radiation exposure as home-based, community-based, and national / global. The antenna tower does not have to be visible or 'In my backyard' to affect the health of your family. That (or them, multiple towers = stacked radiation levels) could be a kilometer apart and with equally significant effects.

The microwave radiation now used for wireless communication comes from military sources. It was never designed for 24/7 exposure. The US military understood the potentially devastating uses of microwaves, including mob agitation and mental disturbance. Unless we dig deep (and for me it was the experience of declining health that correlates with increased exposure) we could be trapped by the "benefits" presented by the media. Occasionally, let's acknowledge the shortcomings of the wireless revolution and share this with our circle of influence. With the payout of the hyper-powerful 5G just around the corner in 2020, as they say in the movies, “nothing has been seen yet”.

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Video: Lecture 24: Mobility and Doppler Effect in Wireless Channels (July 2022).


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