Clearing of native forest in Córdoba to build an illegal canal

Clearing of native forest in Córdoba to build an illegal canal

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The clearing is taking place silently and illegally in a protected area to divert water to the Mar Chiquita lagoon.

There are no advertisements or permits on the work. The channel is twenty meters wide and runs through a native forest in the province of Córdoba, Argentina.

Despite the fact that a new Forest Law has not yet been regulated, this native forest is found on the map of Territorial Planning of Native Forests in the Red zoning, that is, no intervention can be made there, and in the case If so, it must be authorized by the provincial government.

The construction of this canal would seriously affect the vegetation and biodiversity of the largest native forest in that region of Cordoba, which should be protected. The Tinoco forest is a virgin area where human hands had not yet acted. Among the species that can be found in the forest are the white quebracho, algarrobo, tala, sombrero de todo, piquillín and other native species.

Studies carried out by the National University of Córdoba and the Multidisciplinary Institute of Plant Biology have determined that this forest is the habitat of a rich biodiversity where a great variety of plant and animal species live. Fundamentally, it is a dwelling place for at least one hundred species of birds. It is studying to apply to the Tinoco forest as an Area of ​​Importance for the Conservation of Birds (AICAS), following the protocols of Aves Argentinas.

The native forest of Tinoco is in a transition between the spinal forest and the Chaco forest. The ecosystem that is found there is threatened throughout the province by the clearing produced by real estate speculation, livestock and the advance of the soy frontier.

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