Argentina plans its First National Maritime Park in the Beagle Channel

Argentina plans its First National Maritime Park in the Beagle Channel

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There are several projects in which the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development is working with the ultimate objective of maintaining 10% of the Argentine sea as a protected reserve.

These projects are part of an action plan to which Argentina subscribed in 2010: "The Aichi Goals, Japan", which establishes environmental goals agreed with the UN to conserve marine biodiversity. In the agreement, the country undertook to extend its current protected coastal area from 2.8% (about 42,500 km2) to 10% of its protected sea areas to protect its ocean ecosystems and mitigate potential extinctions, product of the oil exploitation, overfishing, pollution from maritime traffic and military exercises.

The country already has 61 protected coastal areas, but the only strictly maritime (open sea) area is the Mamuncurá-Burdwood bank, located 150 km east of the Isla de los Estados. Its richness in biodiversity is exceptional, but its protection, in charge of the Chief of Cabinet, today is insufficient. This protected area will become a Park along with the Drake Pass and the Beagle Channel.

There is also talk that the announcement would include a joint effort between Chile and Argentina to protect the species of the southern waters.

If it materializes, after the remembered conflict between the two countries, it would be great news for the region.

The Beagle Channel

The Beagle Channel, Beagle Channel or Onashaga Channel (yagán language: 'channel of the onas') is a channel, strait or sea passage located at the southern end of South America, which runs approximately a few kilometers north of parallel 55 ° south, between meridians 71 ° and 66 ° west. It extends approximately 200 miles along the southern coast of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, from its junction with the Cockburn Channel at the western entrance to Cape San Pío at its eastern end, separating the Isla Grande from the islands of the south and southeast of the Fuegian archipelago.
This Fuegian channel, which in its journey takes various names, is divided into three parts: the western part, the central part and the eastern part. The western part is formed by the Brecknock, Ballenero and O'Brien canals and the Darwin Sound up to the Garibaldi Sound block. The central part is made up of the Northwest arm and the Southwest arm and this same one from the Divide point to the Murray channel. The eastern part is the one that comprises from the Murray Channel to Cape San Pío.
Between meridians 68 ° 36'38.5 "W and 66 ° 25'00" W, the canal constitutes the international border between Argentina and Chile. The boundary runs almost through the center of the canal, making the necessary inflections to ensure navigation for each part through its own waters.
Administratively, the Argentine sector belongs to the Ushuaia department of the Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands province, while the Chilean sector belongs to the Cabo de Hornos commune of the Chilean Antarctic province and the Biosphere Reserve Cabo de Hornos, which is part of the Magallanes region and the Chilean Antarctic. The western sector of the canal is located within the Alberto de Agostini National Park.

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