Hurricane Harvey, a clear consequence of climate change and the US continues to turn a deaf ear

Hurricane Harvey, a clear consequence of climate change and the US continues to turn a deaf ear

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The World Meteorological Organization stated that due to the characteristics of the extreme rains caused by Hurricane Harvey, which occurred days ago in Houston, Texas (United States), they could be linked to climate change.

The Agency's theory is that global warming causes the atmosphere in tropical areas to contain more water vapor. Climate simulation models show that this high water vapor content generates heavier and heavier rains in the event of a hurricane. And that hurricanes are also stronger.

Coupled with a regional study that showed that human activity has caused the waters of the Gulf of Mexico to increase in temperature, the conclusion is obvious, but the United States continues to deny the consequences of climate change.

Scientists expect Category 4 hurricanes such as Harvey to be more frequent this century, although the total number of cyclones will remain the same and may even decrease.

They warn the US of more disasters like 'Harvey' if it does not take action against climate change

The current president of theHelvetic Confederation, Doris Leuthard, today warnedU.S that he will continue to suffernatural disasters as happened with himhurricaneHarvey inHouston Texas, if you do not act to deal with theclimate change Ydecarbonize hiseconomy.

It is not the first time that the United States has faced a hurricane of great magnitude, it already has experience with Katrina (in 2005). That was the beginning of a discussion about how hurricanes impact the economy. If you just wait, the price to pay will be much higher than when you act to reduce CO2 emissions, "Leuthard said in a meeting with foreign media. The United States has known this for many years and despite this, that country is still the largest issuer along with China, "he said. If you do not decarbonize the economy, you will have more and more (natural) events of this type and the damages for families will increase and insurers will no longer want to pay so easily, "said Leuthard, who said however that it depends on the Americans, of the Chamber Representatives and the President of the United States, Donald Trump, analyze these facts and act.

Regarding the departure of the United States from the Paris Agreement, Luethard was optimistic, there are another 200 countries that will make the effort to go ahead with the pact. It will be a little more difficult, because there will not be the economic support of the United States to fight climate change, but Trump will not last decades in the government.

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