The world will exhaust its "green budget" on August 2

The world will exhaust its

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Humanity will spend the annual "ecological budget" of the Earth, that is, the provision of natural resources that the planet can replenish during one year in clean water, soil and air.

That "Earth Overcapacity Day" will come a day earlier than in 2016, which means that humanity will be living "on credit" from August 2 until the rest of the year, according to the Global Footprint Network, an organization global partner of WWF that analyzes the evolution of the planet's ecological footprint.

"By August 2, 2017 we will have used more of nature than our planet can renew in the whole year. This means that in seven months we emit more carbon than the oceans and forests can absorb in a year, we took more fish, we cut down more trees, we harvested more and we consumed more water than the Earth was able to produce in the same period, "said Global Footprint Network.

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