Germany says goodbye to nuclear and oil by investing in solar, wind and biomass

Germany says goodbye to nuclear and oil by investing in solar, wind and biomass

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In 2009 the country had 3,800 megawatts of installed capacity and in 2015 it reached an installed capacity of more than 43GW, the highest capacity in Europe and one of the highest in the world. In 2012, for two consecutive days, the photovoltaic solar power plants installed in Germany produced 22,000 MWh at noon, equivalent to the generating power of twenty nuclear power plants.

According to data from a report by the Clean Energy XXI publication, it is highlighted that Germany's renewable revolution called Energiewende is in full swing and apparently is giving a coup de grace to coal, oil and nuclear to replace them with wind, solar, biomass and energy. other renewables. Last September the German Water and Energy Association reported that clean energy, mainly wind and solar, already doubles the generation with nuclear energy.

Subsidies for solar energy in homes and businesses contribute positively

Furthermore, solar energy is already cheaper than fossil fuels. This country is providing incentives and subsidies for the installation of solar panels in heating systems. In 2010, renewable energies generated more than 370 thousand jobs in Germany, demonstrating the importance of this sector, beyond the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Germany is the country that has been most committed to this change through its famous "Energiewende", or energy reconversion plan approved four years ago, which aims to replace nuclear and fossil energy (ie natural gas, coal and oil, coal) for renewable energies (such as wind, solar and biomass) seeking environmental protection, affordable costs for the German population and the country's energy security.

Also breaking records and world leadership

It is in this context that in recent years Germany has reached a new world record by producing its photovoltaic solar power plants 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour, the equivalent of the production of 20 nuclear power plants. Clean Energy XXI highlights that currently the installed capacity of Germany to generate this photovoltaic energy is similar to that of the rest of the world and provides about 20% of the energy that this nation consumes.

Germany will start using only clean electric cars

The fundamental goal in the next five years is to reduce 10 million of the 165 million tons that are emitted annually. The number of green cars is expected to increase to one million electric vehicles.

Germany is subsidizing green electric cars. The Finance Minister announced a billion euro funding to change an entire country and help save the planet. A Clean Energy XXI report highlights that in 2030 the sale of vehicles that are not electric or hybrid will be prohibited.

But the changes have already started. It has been announced that each person who buys an electric car whose cost does not exceed 60 thousand euros, will receive a discount of 4 thousand euros and if the car is a hybrid will be credited with a financing of 3 thousand.

The measure seems a bit unhinged but it makes sense according to a Clean Energy XXI report, this European country strongly promotes the generation of wind, solar, biomass and has already closed half of its nuclear plants with three padlocks.

The data sounds flattering, but it remains to be seen if the world decides to bet on a better place for all and not an exclusive industrialized society that consumes its resources and devastates its own home, the planet we live on.

Clean Energy for All

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