Activists chain themselves in defense of one of the last virgin forests in Europe

Activists chain themselves in defense of one of the last virgin forests in Europe

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A few days ago, a group of actors, intellectuals and artists sent a letter to the Government of Poland to stop cutting down trees in Bialowieza, one of the most emblematic forests in Europe.

However, the request was not heard so the demonstrations have intensified. Now, a group of activists chained themselves to the machines that operate by removing the trees from this rich ecosystem, considered one of the last virgin forests on the European continent.

"We are in the woods to stop the devastation caused by the scandalous decisions of the Polish Ministry of the Environment. Despite numerous appeals from the scientific community, the local community and more than 167 thousand signatures, the ministry allows Bialowieza to be named as if it were an ordinary forest plantation, "said Greenpeace Poland director Robert Cyglicki, who also participated in the protest.

The Polish government authorities defend themselves by pointing out that logging seeks to reduce the number of trees affected by a plague and that it is carried out outside the protected area, a situation that is denied by the organizations that demonstrate.

Bialowieza is home to a virgin ecosystem that dates back more than ten thousand years; it is also home to the largest mammal on the continent, the European bison. Also, this forest has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

"Logging has crossed the red line and is devastating Poland's greatest natural treasure," Greenpeace denounces.

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