Cannabis Oil for Fibromyalgia

Cannabis Oil for Fibromyalgia

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First of all, it must be clarified that this medical cannabis oil does not contain narcotics, it is not marijuana or marijuana oil, it is made from hemp seeds and its health benefits come mainly from its high content and proportion of acids omega-3 and omega-6 essential fats. Of course, it also has other beneficial and potentially bioactive elements such as phenolic compounds, sterols and fatty alcohols.

These benefits of cannabis oil were already described a few years ago in a study on the chemical composition of hemp oil published in the international journal Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, and now its use for the treatment of fibromyalgia has been patented. of this study by the University of Seville.

To test the benefits of Cannabis Sativa oil to reduce fibromyalgia symptoms, researchers from the University of Seville did a trial with mice.

After administering hemp oil, they discovered an improvement in cognitive abilities, a decrease in pain and an improvement in muscle tone.

Sunflower oil and olive oil were also studied in this research, there were groups of mice to which these oils were administered and others to which none were administered. Olive and sunflower oils were not as effective in relieving symptoms associated with fibromyalgia as cannabis oil, according to the researchers due to their different proportion of fatty acids.

According to the researchers, this oil could be used both in tablets or medicinal solutions as well as to enrich certain foods for everyday use, although until now it is only used as a food supplement or adding it to our meals, such as for dressing salads. Be careful, not for frying since when heated it loses its properties.

M. Dolores García, Professor of the US Department of Pharmacology and principal investigator of the patent, stated that the next step would be to achieve that"Any fibromyalgia association or pharmaceutical or food company would be interested in the patent and be able to carry out and validate the study in humans."

In the following video you can see more about this research and about the future of these discoveries.

Where to buy hemp oil (Cannabis sativa)?

You can order it in a specialized store or in a store of medicinal plants or herbalist, but you can also buy it online.

If you are in Spain, I recommend the NHR Organics Oils that you can buy here on Amazon, it has a good price and is also organic. If you are in another place you can look in the Amazon of your country to see what are available.

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