If you use a bicycle, find out how they will deduct 25% of its value

If you use a bicycle, find out how they will deduct 25% of its value

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Did you know that from this year you will be able to deduct the value of your conventional bicycle? You only need to be registered with the Tax Administration Service (SAT) as a natural person with business activity, work for fees or be a legal entity.

The Chamber of Deputies approved in general, in October 2016, the fiscal miscellany for 2017, by order of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP). This includes changes to the Income Tax (ISR) and Value Added Tax (VAT), as well as taxes on the purchase of cars.

If you already used your bicycle to go to work or as your preferred means of transportation, the positive news is that for 2017 taxpayers who acquire a conventional bicycle, as well as motorcycles and electric bicycles, will be able to deduct up to 25% of what they spent. Legal entities may deduct up to 175 thousand pesos for investments in conventional cars and up to 250 thousand for electric cars.

Your faithful companion

How do you know if you can deduct a bicycle? First of all, the use of it must be vital to develop your activity, that is, you must use it as a means of transportation to do your job and to generate income.

According to Juan Manuel Franco, Tax partner of BDO Consultores, you can use it to transport yourself to the address where you work or if you plan to purchase this type of transport to offer courier services.

“A simple example could be that of a designer who charges fees and buys a bicycle to be transported to his workplace. It can also be a natural person with a business activity such as the owner of a pizzeria who decides to buy three or four bikes or electric motorcycles for the delivery of their products at home, "Franco explained to the newspaperThe financial.

For businesses

On the other hand, the deductibility can also apply to a company that decides to enter the business of renting electric bikes or motorcycles. According to Enrique Velderrain, partner of Velderrain, Sáenz y Asociados, "in that case you will be able to deduct 25% from each bicycle you purchase."

To deduct the cost of the vehicle to 100%, it will take four years, as a quarter would be deducted each year, Velderrain explained toThe financial. The deduction may apply from the month of purchase, then it will be deducted in full in the next 48 months. If a bike costs 4,800 pesos, 100 pesos can be deducted each month.

The specialist assured that this type of asset did not enter the Decree for immediate deduction for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Alternative transportation

The deduction when acquiring a conventional bicycle, as well as motorcycles and electric bicycles, was also promoted as part of the 2017 Economic Package, with the aim of promoting the use of alternative transport to those that use fossil fuels.

The specialists pointed out that the facility could incentivize investments in electric bikes or motorcycles to rent them for the transfer of people such as executives, the delivery of food at home or even courier and parcel for short-distance deliveries. It can also be applied by a hotel or hostel that offers the rental service for its guests.

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