Cosmic rays keep rising

Cosmic rays keep rising

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However, it is not a red flag, unless it reaches extreme levels. "This is a sign of the new times on the Sun," said the Space Weather team on January 18, in relation to the university report.

As the solar cycle is shifting from the period of Solar Maximum to Solar Minimum, expected for 2019-2020, the Sun's magnetic field is weakening, and then “cosmic rays go through an easier period to penetrate inside. Of the solar system".

Earth, like the rest of the planets, "is in the crosshairs of these high-energy particles," according to Space Weather.

The following image from the Bartol Institute shows the progressive increase in cosmic rays measured at the South Pole. These are captured by a neutron monitor.

Below another image shows the level of cosmic rays for the week on different monitors around the world.

The Bartol Institute team explains that cosmic rays are ubiquitous. They exist throughout the heliosphere, the field of space that is dominated by the solar wind, and they are also seen throughout the Universe. Because of their mobility, speed and responsiveness to electromagnetic fields, cosmic rays serve to investigate the area influenced by the Sun and provide valuable data on stellar activity within our Milky Way galaxy.

Its study has considerably expanded the understanding of the influence of the Sun on our planet.

The following image shows the relationship between the increase in cosmic rays and the decrease in sunspots in each of the last cycles of the Sun. The decrease in sunspots reveals the period of least activity of the Sun and occurs every 11 years progressively around the Solar Minimum. The last Solar Minimum was at the end of 2008 and the next is expected to be in 2019, by then the cosmic rays will be even more intense.

Galactic cosmic rays can be very energetic, highlights the Bartol Institute. Its particles register between hundreds of MeV to GeV (standard measure of measurement of its energy).

Most of these rays are accelerated when collisions of particles produced by supernova explosions occur - explosion of dying stars.

“As they propagate through the heliosphere, their intensity and properties are modulated by the structure of the Solar Wind. This modulation is seen, for example, in the anticorrelation between solar activity and the intensity of galactic cosmic rays ”, where the maximum of solar activity generates less entrance of cosmic rays to the heliosphere.

In addition there are anomalous cosmic rays in our space. These “were observed for the first time in the 1970s as a peculiar, or‘ anomalous ’, distortion of the composition of cosmic rays”, highlights I. Bartol.

Most anomalous cosmic rays start out as neutral galactic atoms that enter the heliosphere and subsequently ionize. After ionization, in which they are collected by the magnetic field of the Solar Wind, they are mobilized towards the terminal part of the heliosphere.

Some are accelerated to higher energies by collisions in the interplanetary zones and may experience additional acceleration at energies greater than 1 GeV, which is recorded as a significant anomalous distortion in flux.

In January 2017, American students launched a weather balloon into space from central California as part of their regular surveillance program. The Space Weather team announced that the results will be released this week. The following image corresponds to the 2016 report.

Cosmic rays in the stratosphere continue to increase in September. The graph shows the increase in cosmic rays in the stratosphere between March 2015 and September 2016. (Space Weather)

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