Tesla's fantastic car

Tesla's fantastic car

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By Marie Perod

What until a few months ago seemed like something out of the plot of a science fiction movie, is becoming reality. The future is already here and it has come to stay. Technology advances by leaps and bounds, which in many cases makes life more comfortable for us. Can you imagine calling your car through your mobile and having it appear where you are? Well, in a few years, something that is currently implausible to us, may become a reality.

The car manufacturer, Tesla Motors Inc, has released new hardware with which it aims to achieve one hundred percent autonomous driving. This development can be a big change for a future in which cars will no longer need a human being to drive them, but will do it alone and in a safer way.

The company has announced plans for the installation of this new hardware in all its vehicles. It is made up of eight cameras that provide 360-degree visibility around the vehicle, reaching a distance of 250 meters. This will be complemented by twelve ultrasonic sensors that allow the detection of hard and soft objects at twice the distance of the previous system and with a radar located in the front that is capable of seeing in adverse atmospheric conditions such as fog, snow, rain or clouds of dust.

To make sense of all this data, an on-board computer will be installed with 40 times more computing power than that of the previous generation. Tesla will use the information obtained from the experience of driving millions of kilometers in the real world to calibrate the new system and thus improve comfort and especially safety.

With the launch of this system, Tesla is taking a step that can change the world of driving as we know it. This new hardware will provide a vision of the world that the driver alone could not reach, since it goes far beyond what the human senses can perceive. It is important to consider how governments and users themselves will react to this new development. If they are reluctant to operate this type of driving or on the contrary, they will receive it as an important progress. The CEO of the company, Elon Musk, hopes that self-driving can become a reality as soon as possible and that by 2017 a Tesla vehicle will be able to travel the distance between New York and Los Angeles without using the steering wheel.

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