Living outside the Matrix

Living outside the Matrix

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By Vicente Berenguer

From early childhood we are indoctrinated from political and economic power -factual power-, and from very early on we are trying to transmit a specific ideology that the person is assimilating and incorporating and that he finally makes his own. This instilled ideology but even more, this way of seeing life and human relationships will determine the way of thinking and acting of people, believing, however, that their thinking is autonomous, that it is born in themselves, but the reality is that it is not it is a thought of its own insofar as it has been "introduced" by various mechanisms just as the inhabitants of the Matrix are led to believe that they are living lives that are theirs. The mechanisms through which the attempt to establish a single thought would occur with the consequent elimination and blocking of all autonomous thought would be mainly the conventional media and at the service of power, but also through an educational system designed by the elites. and oriented not to make thought fly but rather to clip its wings. And it is that ultimately what is intended is to eradicate critical thinking and reflection in order to achieve total acceptance of its postulates.

Because what it is basically about is the construction of a type of human being, the construction of a thoughtless and servile human being, someone who believes everything that is told without even asking two basic questions: ¿¿ why? And are there other alternatives? A thoughtless human being but at the same time insensitive to social problems. In short, a purely materialistic and selfish being. This type of human that is so abundant in the different societies of the world is the one who would be connected to the "incubator" without being aware of it, without being aware that their thoughts are not theirs but that they are simply repeating the ideology or thoughts that They have been programmed for him, in addition to having become a superficial and insensitive subject to problems that may affect others or even to the suffering of others.

But just as in the Matrix there was a group that managed to “wake up” and disconnect in our reality, the same thing happens, and despite the fact that a large number of people are still connected to the incubator due to ignorance –and some out of interest–, many others do. they question and question things and ask themselves: people, groups and alternative media: Why? Why should things be like this? Is it that there are no other ways of organizing ourselves? The question is therefore the key, questioning what is there is the door that opens the possibility of mobilizing thought and therefore the possibility of proposing other paths of justice and solidarity, and that is why there is nothing that bothers more to those who have designed the current system that people in particular and society in general wonder, question, in a word: think.

What is at stake, therefore, is the construction of a human being: if one lives connected to the incubator, one will be a pure automaton without original thought and without sensitivity, therefore, alternatives to the factual are not possible; but if instead of this one lives disconnected from the program, as fortunately more and more people are living, one will be able to make oneself, one will be able to build oneself through thought, questioning and reflection.

And yes, there is hope outside the mainstream media, outside the tools of power. There are reasons to believe that society in general will gradually disconnect from the ideological dogmatism to which it has been and is subjected, but not to reconnect to any specific idea that someone may impose, but to connect concretely with its social sensitivity, with its reflection and with your own thinking.


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