Due to the thaw they discovered the oldest fossils on Earth

Due to the thaw they discovered the oldest fossils on Earth

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The first fossil evidence of life on Earth has been found among rocks almost four billion years old that were exposed when part of the ice in Greenland melted, a product of the global warming that our planet experiences.

Scientists believe that this discovery raises the chances that life exists or has existed on Mars when both planets had similar climatic conditions and the red planet's water was liquid.

The experts found small humps, between one and four centimeters high, on rocks in the Isua area of ​​south west Greenland, which they identified as remains of clumps of fossil microbes, similar to those found today in the seas and oceans, from Bermuda to Australia.

Unlike the bones of dinosaurs, in this type of fossil the remains of an ancient creature are not preserved, but are something like mounds of minerals that are a few centimeters thick and that may have been deposited by some microbes, long after the Earth was formed.


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