Seven reasons to hire green electricity

Seven reasons to hire green electricity

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By Alex Fernández Muerza

Customers of renewable energy marketers explain why they decided to register

1. The extension of green and renewable energies is supported

Renewable energies produce clean and inexhaustible energy and are the logical and ecological alternative to fossil fuels and pollutants that dominate the current energy landscape, according to its proponents.

Despite this, various regulatory measures have hindered its expansion in Spain. Customers and partners of green electricity traders contribute to its greater use.

Registering with a green electricity marketer is not complicated, according to your own clients

Agustín Carazo, programmer analyst in a consultancy and client partner of Goiener, assures that "other energies are mortgaging our future due to the use of fossil fuels and nuclear waste that will have to be safeguarded for hundreds or thousands of years."

Álvaro Campos, professor at the University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU) and client partner of Som Energia, points out that in the medium term the objective is for the partners themselves to be the owners of renewable production. "We have renewable plants, and we are going to recover damaged photovoltaic plants," he says.

2. The portability process is simple

Unsubscribing from a conventional electricity marketer to become a customer of one that supplies green electricity is not complicated, according to what the customers consulted say. Campos testifies that “it is easier than switching from a mobile company.

Everything can be managed online, but if you have any questions, they help you. They attend you by phone and, even on a more personal level, there are partners who help people ”. Jorge Sanz, administrator of the Numancia de Soria football club and client partner of Megara Energía, assures that “they have taken care of everything.

I simply signed the contract and in about a week I received an email from my previous company, accepting the change ”.

3. The invoice can be even cheaper

According to Campos, “it is generally cheaper, our objective is not to seek benefits. We are not looking for a price war either. We intend to be a model for the consumption of renewable energy with citizens ”.

Josu Rocha, merchant marine pilot and Goiener client partner, affirms that “it is neither more expensive because it is 100% renewable, nor is it cheaper because it is a cooperative.

We play another league, we don't compete with price. Even so, it usually comes out more or less the same amount, it depends on who you compare with ”. Carazo also recommends reviewing the contracted power and lowering it as much as possible to save money.

Rocha is of the same opinion: “Consumers should be aware of the electrical appliances they have at home and their use.

Savings should come from efficiency and awareness. Few marketers will advise you to consume as little as possible ”.

4. The invoice data is clear and there are no "suspicious" concepts

Difficulty understanding the data that appears on electricity bills is one of the most common complaints from conventional utility customers. Agustín Carazo emphasizes that “in addition to now having clean energy, I also have a clear bill in which no suspicious concepts appear. Before I found services that I had not requested ”.

5. You can participate in the decision making of the marketer

Currently, there is a great diversity of initiatives of electricity marketers of 100% renewable origin. Except for Gesternova, a company that began marketing "only green kilowatts" in 2005, most are non-profit citizen cooperatives.

The UPV / EHU professor explains that “as a customer you receive a service. But by becoming a member, you can participate in the annual meeting, where each member is a vote, which decides, for example, whether the price is raised or not ”.

6. A change in the economic and energy model is supported

In the opinion of Josu Rocha, these cooperatives emerge "as a need for ecologically aware citizens, but also because citizens want and must be responsible and manage a basic good such as electricity.

Agustín Carazo adds that “we believed that in electricity we could not do anything, but we are seeing that we can. This is going to get electricity companies and institutions to put their batteries in and begin to look to the future and fight against the bad practices of electricity companies that, being able to change energy sources, do not do so and above all they force to modify the legislation to prevent us from consuming energy ourselves ”.

In order to achieve solid and independent financing, Campos recalls that in these cooperatives their members contribute initial capital, so that "we don't need to go to the banks."

7. It contributes to generating local green jobs

Another objective of these initiatives is the creation of local employment, as Rocha emphasizes: "We want the jobs we generate to pay their taxes here and revert to society."


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