Negative plants for the home. Myth or truth?

Negative plants for the home. Myth or truth?

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Whenever we talk about magical plants, we associate them with multiple beneficial qualities. However, we do not imagine that in the vegetable kingdom there are also those that constitute a threat to man; those that create in their environment lower energies and forces contrary to what is intended to be achieved. We even tend to live with them without even knowing that they may be harming our lives and the environment they share with us.

Learn what they are, learn why they are considered negative, and learn the precise formulas to counter their fatal influences.

Know what they are


It is a highly receptive plant that easily attracts dispersed fluids, be they good or bad. If you had a potus in a space where constant discussions take place, it will surely only serve to enhance them to the maximum; In other words, it will not take long to become a source of negativity.


It has the property of distancing love. It is believed that planting it and, above all, giving it away is an infallible way to ward off and numb passion. It is even considered capable of causing the singleness of those who inhale its perfume on a full moon.


Popular belief knew how to see in her the power to attract bad omens. It was even thought that having her at home was a symbol of lack of protection for those who lived there. Witches used to cross themselves whenever they came across one. Currently, its use is only recommended for sorcery that is responsible for mobilizing forces from lower worlds.


It has the ability to ward off good and repel fortunate events. A wedding or good news can be deactivated by this plant. Those who study in depth the effects that it produces, affirm that its vibrations come to frighten the spirits of nature and also certain animals. Therefore, before acquiring a cactus, it must be properly blessed.


Having it at home, according to magic, is a permanent call to the dead. It can invoke feelings of melancholy and even uneasiness. It is not very appropriate to give away or to decorate the home, since it summons the presence of the souls that wander without consolation through the other world.


They assure that just caressing them is enough for them to absorb part of our soul. It can be said that they feed on the force and magnetism of the one who approaches them. They should not be in contact with man if he wishes to preserve his physical integrity and mental health.


Popular wisdom attributes destructive qualities to them: touching their fruit can produce future misfortune. They lower the body's defenses and weaken the aura. Personality changes have even been recorded in those who cut and store their berries at home, for divinatory purposes.


According to witchcraft, they should never be used as an ornament, since they encourage the appearance of future ailments, physical and spiritual. They are, by the way, the owners of an energy of extreme density that prevents the release of feelings of fear, anguish and pain, making the emotional balance of man impossible.


For black magic, gum leaves are indicated to psychically affect people. Requests are written in ink in order to make the other lose his self-control and be able to manipulate him. Certain magicians maintain that this tree concentrates a strong power and grants those who summon it the opportunity to communicate with the devil.

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