How to teach children to grow their own food

How to teach children to grow their own food

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Dolcetta, along with Gabriele Capobianco, Davide Troiana and Jonathan Lazar, recently won the AWR International Ideas Competition with “Nursery Fields Forever”, a proposal that merges urban agriculture with early childhood education.

This project offers three learning approaches: learning from nature, learning from technique, and learning from practice.

"We think that children should enjoy nature," Edoardo Capuzzo Dolcetta told Fast Company. “So we designed this strange school: there are no classrooms, but spaces where vegetables grow and animals can be too many. It is a mixture of the two, school and nature ”.

The school is designed as a collection of buildings overlooking a wide variety of fields and livestock pens.

Teaching children how to grow and harvest their own food, as well as interacting with animals, could help them improve their social skills through teamwork, boost self-esteem, and promote healthy lifestyles. Students would also learn about renewable energy in a space in the school reserved for wind turbines and solar panels.

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