Wheat germ, infinite benefits for the body

Wheat germ, infinite benefits for the body

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Most of the flours that we consume and the different products obtained from cereals such as wheat, come from a refining process in which parts of the grain are eliminated, among which one very important, the germ, should be highlighted. This area of ​​wheat is the most nutritious part, which makes it something that we should not ignore, since wheat germ will offer us numerous health benefits as it is an important source of protein and carbohydrates.

Wheat germ is the most tender part of the grain that is clearly different from the rest. It is a very rich and beneficial type of food for the body in different aspects, and its high contribution in vitamin E is remarkable, which prevents vitamin A from being destroyed, in addition to being a regenerator of tissues, very useful to maintain a musculature in perfect condition, as well as the walls of the blood vessels and the heart.

Its high protein and carbohydrate content makes it a very rich food for all types of people at any age in our lives, as it will provide us with large doses of energy while serving as food for our muscles. For this reason, wheat germ is highly recommended in the sports diet as a reinforcement to improve our performance and obtain better results.

To these nutrients we must add its high content of vitamin F or linoleic acid that helps balance the body, as it directly intervenes in the processes of assimilation of fats by the body, as well as in the assimilation of sugars and proteins. The high content of vitamins of group B is remarkable, among which are B1, B2 and B6. All of them together with the high contribution of minerals such as zinc make them the best beauty treatment for our skin, nails and hair, since they give it vitality and health.

The presence of vitamin F and minerals such as zinc and magnesium not only improves the general condition of the skin, hair and nails, but also helps to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood, thus leveling the amounts thereof. Wheat germ also has a blood cholesterol regulating action due to its high phospholipid content.

It is important that we do not overlook this type of food that we can find in different specialized stores and herbalists. It comes in the form of powders, pills or oil beads. Its consumption can be done in many ways, and we can eat it in a salad, with juices, yogurts ... And its intake should support our usual diet.


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