The reindeer, a threatened species in Canada due to lack of environmental care

The reindeer, a threatened species in Canada due to lack of environmental care

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The Canadian Nature and Parks Society (CPAWS) report says reindeer remains largely unprotected in Canada, despite the fact that the reindeer population has declined dramatically in recent years.

Today, there are about 32,000 reindeer in boreal forest areas of Canada, a fraction of the number that existed in the early 21st century.

15 years ago, the reindeer population in Canada was 385,000 animals but by 2011 the number had dropped to about 50,000.

Despite this steep decline, Canadian authorities have only recently begun to show signs of concern for the species' survival.

The CPAWS notes that changes in government in Ottawa and several of the provinces essential to reindeer survival, especially Alberta, are cause for optimism.

"We expect increased leadership in 2016 from the new federal government, once it is able to pay attention to it," CPAWS Executive Director Eric Hebert-Daly said in a statement.

"We also encourage three newly elected provincial and territorial governments to take more action next year to protect the habitat of the boreal reindeer," added Hebert-Daly.

Positive signs picked up by the report include the decision this year by the provinces of Québec, Newfoundland and Labrador and Manitoba to protect 16,900 square kilometers of boreal reindeer habitat, 16 times more than the amount preserved in 2014.

But the report highlights that this figure represents only 1% of the total area of ​​reindeer habitat considered "critical" by the Canadian authorities to ensure the recovery of reindeer herds.


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