Dicamba, Dr. Frankenstein's new monster

Dicamba, Dr. Frankenstein's new monster

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It was registered in the USA in 1967, as part of the agricultural applications derived from the war defoliants used in Vietnam and provided under a generous contract by the Monsanto Corporation and the Dow Chemical Corporation.

Perhaps you remember the scandal that surrounded the use of the famous Orange agent, the defoliant that included the inadequate dioxin of the deadly 2,4,5-T, within what was called Rainbow Herbicides, which included highly toxic substances such as Hexachlorobenzene, as part of the "Ranch Hand" operation.

The objective of this operation was to kill the Vietnamese jungle to expose the enemy combatants hiding there. If you do not remember, then this product of these companies caused the death of no less than 400,000 people and the birth of 500,000 children with very serious malformations.

If you do not remember, then this product of these companies caused the death of no less than 400,000 people and the birth of 500,000 children with very serious malformations.

A significant number of US soldiers died and suffered horrible cancers from the same exposure, of course to a lesser degree than those who were practically doused with these poisons.

Those herbicides were nothing different from what those same corporations had been selling to farmers in their own country for years. Only in that case they had a huge testing and experimentation laboratory not subject to any security protocol. The ideal site and permit to develop the most phytotoxic substances known.

The problem with 2,4,5-T and its unwanted component TCDD that caused the human harm would have apparently been a mistake. And its deadly result, a collateral effect.

However, out of that free experimentation emerged today's weed-killing monsters for everyday use. All this, in addition financed by millions of dollars from American taxpayers.

These consequences led to lawsuits against companies and the State by those affected and their families, around 250,000 veterans, and the payment of millionaire compensation.

Notably, the Judge who ruled in favor of the soldiers considering the poisoning later decided that said toxic process was not properly proven for the Vietnamese victims, for which the corporations and the State should not have to pay anything. Science seems to be only in one part of the world. And maybe justice too.

These days the well-known Glyphosate, old world champion of all weights in the universe of plant toxicity, has lost his crown

In these days, the well-known Glyphosate, old world champion of all weights in the universe of plant toxicity, has lost his crown. And it has lost it to less prestigious rivals such as the ancient American palmeri amaranth, a raw indigenous food that has stood tall and triumphant against the once devastating blow of the RR seed combo and the best known plant poison. It just doesn't die.

Then, out of the dungeons of terror, a new monster emerges. Dicamba is reborn, a murderer as lethal as its predecessor, who had been displaced to a very secondary level due to that providential discovery of the glyphosate-resistant agrobacterium and the translocation of its specific genetic fraction to soy, corn and other commercial species .

From the same dungeons of terror emerges a new monster. The dicamba is reborn, a murderer as lethal as its predecessor ...

Once that combination of the deadly poison with the resistant plant was obtained, no other tools of destruction were needed and all of them were shelved or used marginally.

Failed today that machinery against the adaptation of biology for survival, the great corporation of death revives another lethal terminator obtaining new seeds now resistant to dicamba.

"Slight toxicity", "slightly toxic to bees", are some of the subterfuges that the manufacturers, Syngenta, Basf or Monsanto, use to reassure producers more interested in their immediate performance than in biological collapse.

However, bees continue to disappear and the commercial prospect of dicamba recommends among other things the next:

Skin contact: Quickly remove contaminated clothing. Immediately wash contaminated skin with plenty of soap and water.

Inhalation: Remove the victim from the place of exposure. If breathing has stopped, start rescue breathing (using universal precautions) and if cardiac action has stopped, start CPR. Immediately transfer the victim to a medical facility. "

Innocuous? "Slightly toxic"? Necessary?

Well, it doesn't look like it.

There is a wealth of history about severe dicamba toxicity in humans in many countries such as Canada or Mexico, being its use completely prohibited in the city of Toronto.

In our country, for example, there is a history of three affected by skin exposure to the product, with severe poisoning and death of one of them with a picture of acute rhabdomyolysis, in the vicinity of Rosario in 1993.

In short, human ingenuity dedicated to fighting to destroy all biological balance, persisting, persevering, perhaps until nature responds with some planetary catastrophe.

What are the results? Well, something like this:

  • Much more is produced than is necessary for every man on earth to eat properly and is wasted.
  • More than half of the world's population is hungry or undernourished and the rest suffering from some degree of obesity.
  • One percent of the population concentrates almost half of the accumulated wealth of all production.
  • Resources are depleted, fields are impoverished, biodiversity is reduced.

That old promise of "we do it so that everyone can eat" has not only not been fulfilled but it appears more distant every day, and everything suggests that they did it for other reasons.

Will big corporations stop their mega-million dollar business at the cost of intoxication and destruction? Well, there is not the slightest sign of something like that, but there is a desire to continue.

Will nation states and international organizations act to stop this opulent short-term business? Well, some do, although with inconsequential daily results.

Who then can save us? You, me, the neighbor and the one from beyond, if we can gather many. It will not be easy, certainly. But the first step is to take an interest and think about it.

Do you want to start today?

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