They warn about 'El Niño Godzilla': the storm of the century

They warn about 'El Niño Godzilla': the storm of the century

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Scientists from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) concluded that the phenomenon known as 'El Niño' "could become one of the four strongest episodes" since 1950, which is why they have added the name of Godzilla. Thus, the new name does not support anything good, taking into account the devastation that the Japanese monster boasts.

In fact, after the WMO expert meeting in Switzerland, they indicated that the situation "could make it one of the four strongest episodes of 'El Niño' since 1950", "It is likely that an episode of 'El Niño 'reaches its maximum phase between October and January of the following year, and it often persists well into the first quarter before beginning to weaken, "explained the UN agency.

As is known, ‘El Niño’ causes havoc in the intertropical and equatorial zone of the Pacific coastal zone in South America, due to the intense rains that cause floods and other phenomena such as cyclones.

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