A smart road with green lighting

A smart road with green lighting

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By Lidia Fernández

Good design covers a multitude of fields. Where there is a lack or there is a concept that can be improved, there is room for design to bring that extra value to products, spaces or services.

This is the case with the Smart Highway created by the Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde in the Netherlands. The idea is to maximize the visibility of the road limits in any situation, including the darkest night.

The lines of this Smart Highway shine brightly thanks to the photoluminescent paint with which the edges of the road are marked. The main idea is to increase road safety with correct signage that can be seen with complete clarity and that accurately determines the way forward in the middle of the dark night. At the same time, this type of signaling is a useful energy saving system since it does not require any type of electrical connection for its operation.

The energetic secret of the smart road is the paint that Roosegaarde uses in its signage. This material absorbs solar energy during the day to illuminate itself at night. In this way, driving safety also becomes a unique experience of light and a unique communication with the road marking systems.

The Roosegaarde smart line system has already been installed on route N329 in the city of Oss to carry out an initiative called Camino del Futuro. The aim of this initiative is to take a step forward in this field to advance the search for road safety from an ecological and energy saving perspective.

The result is a road that illuminates its contours at night with three green lines on each side. With an intense brightness that allows perfect viewing without disturbing driving, these lines mark a way forward that is hardly mistaken for the darkness of night.

Although Smart Highway is still being tested to determine the durability of the brands and the user experience, there is a strong commitment to the success of the proposal and the designer is already advancing another project for the marking of a bicycle route with a similar concept. presented here.

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