Trafficking of protected species in the Amazon

Trafficking of protected species in the Amazon

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The greatest predator that inhabits the Amazon is the man who with his irresponsibility and his desire for wealth does not hesitate to exploit and commercialize everything that is in his way. The beautiful species of parrots and macaws that fill the skies of the jungle with their flights are not free.

The natives in a rational way, without commercializing, have always had animal pets that have been found or captured in their journeys through the territory. On the other hand, limited actions that have never endangered any species and that they scrupulously take care of in semi-freedom. A sample is the first images of the video where two macaws lived free within a small indigenous community.

The second part of the video shows the commercialization of protected species. The images were taken in a bar of a settler where numerous specimens of macaw, royal parrot, parakeet or toucan were caged in unfortunate conditions. To top it off, a jaguar skin presided over the establishment. I wondered at that moment where the law was.

Jaled Ibarra

Video: Protecting Endangered Species (May 2022).


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