Faced with Canada's worst mining disaster, the M4 communicates

Faced with Canada's worst mining disaster, the M4 communicates

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The collapse of the tailings dam released 15 million cubic meters of sewage, sludge and heavy metals, which is equivalent to 6 thousand Olympic swimming pools dumped into the Hazeltine stream that empties into Lake Quesnel.

The Canadian authorities prohibited the use of surface and groundwater water by local people. The impact on salmon production could be irreversible as well as other environmental damage. According to the Environmental Inventory of the Canadian Council on Pollutant Emissions, the Mount Polley mine generated only during 2013, 403 thousand kg of arsenic, 38 thousand kg of lead and 600 kg of mercury, among other toxic substances. It is estimated that just compensation for environmental damage could exceed several hundred million dollars. The president of the company has publicly admitted that he does not have the financial resources available to cover it.

The open-pit copper, gold and silver mine has been operating since 1997 amid 50 other mines in the province where other spills had already been registered and expected to produce in 2014 around 47,000 ounces of gold, 44 million pounds of copper and 120,000 ounces of silver.

The Mount Polley mine disaster almost at the same time that two other unfortunate events occurred: the overflow of the tailings dam of the Santiago Apóstol mining company, located in Potosí, Bolivia, which spilled nearly 30 thousand tons of mineral waste to along 20 km, and there is still no certainty as to how much of this toxic material reached the Pilcomayo river. The other event occurred when the Buenavista del Cobre company located in the Mexican state of Sonora registered a "failure" in the pipeline of a dam called Tinaja, spilling 40 thousand cubic meters of leachate waste full of chemical residues that directly affect the waters of the Bacanuchi and Sonora rivers, in the north of the country.

Each of these “accidents” demonstrate the extremely high damage that the Extractive Mining Model causes. It also shows the false "green and sustainable" discourse of mining entrepreneurs and the null "corporate social responsibility", when practically from the beginning the communities where they are implanted create serious diseases for the population and terrible social conflicts and insecurity. Another conclusion that we can draw from these facts is the deficient regulation that both the Canadian government and the governments of Latin America have in mining matters, who overlap and protect this type of megaprojects for the benefit of companies and not their populations.

Under these conditions, what can we expect from governments and their regulations? What can we expect from your "development" model? And the answer is impunity, corruption and violations of human and collective rights.

That is why the members of the Mesoamerican Movement against the Mining Extractive Model - M4 express their energetic and total rejection of this model of metal extraction; We also express our repudiation and demand that the owners, officials and operating directors of the companies Imperial Metals Corp, Santiago Apóstol and Buenavista del Cobre of Grupo México be held accountable for the very serious damages caused by their negligence and lack of supervision.

We also denounce the irresponsibility of the governments of Canada, Bolivia and Mexico for the omission of national and international laws on human and collective rights, which have been repeatedly violated. In particular, we make an energetic signal to the Canadian government, who through their ambassadors around the world are co-participants in the deceptions and lies of the mining companies inspired in Canada, at the same time that they weigh and facilitate their enrichment and they fully experience disinterest in protecting the environment and human rights.

The M4 sympathizes with the Canadian, Bolivian and Mexican people and especially with the indigenous peoples, who know that the damage to their territory inevitably causes at the same time the damage to the very life of their ethnicity and culture.

We call to continue strengthening the establishment of Free Territories of the Extractive Mining Model. Let us redouble our efforts in preventive work to avoid the arrival of predation by mining companies in our territories. Let's defend life against these projects of death. Let's stop this state crime and this corporate crime by confronting them with the unity of the peoples.

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