Amazonia in danger. Massive deforestation to plant oil palm

Amazonia in danger. Massive deforestation to plant oil palm

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Next week, the Peruvian president and the environment minister will be in Europe. An excellent occasion to deliver the letter and draw your attention to this problem.

The inhabitants of the Peruvian Amazon live off the jungle. They are farmers, fishermen or artisans, and they are also dedicated to tourism that visits the region from the nearby city of Iquitos. They have managed to maintain a life relatively close to nature.

But for some months now, a threat has been looming over the lowlands of the Peruvian Amazon. The population has begun to perceive disturbing movements. Speculators are destroying the Amazon by leaps and bounds. At first in secret. It was only in September, when the local newspaper published what was happening in big headlines, did public opinion begin to mobilize.

Little by little it has been known that only in Loreto the companies asked the government for awards of 60,000 hectares of primary forests. In the departments of Loreto and Ucayali they requested the deforestation of more than 100,000 hectares of forests.

Please sign the petition to the Peruvian government. Deforestation must stop NOW as well as palm plantations:

Save the jungle

Video: The destruction of the Amazon, explained (July 2022).


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