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Banchá tea

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Banchá Tea comes from the tea plant and is made according to the ancient Chinese and Japanese tradition. When harvesting them after this period there is a loss of theine, conserving only 0.5%, which does not make it exciting like common black tea.

Banchá Tea is dried in the sun and not like commercial teas that are roasted in ovens; It does not contain additives or colorants.
"Ban" means 3 years.
"Chá" means Tea
Due to the permanence of the leaves and branches in the plant, it contains many minerals and vitamins. It is very rich in calcium, it has more quantity than cow's milk. It is digestive, invigorating and exhausting.
Because it is highly energetic, it should not be consumed at night.


This varies according to whether it is purchased unroasted or roasted. At this time the most common thing is to get it toasted.
If it is already toasted, we place 2 heaped tablespoons in 1 lt. of cold water. We cover the container and take it to the fire until it boils, we lower it to a minimum and cook 3´. Let it rest, filter and drink. It can be sweetened with honey or whole cane sugar.
Otherwise, roast 2 heaping tablespoons of tea over a minimum heat, then add 1 lt. of water, cover the container and bring to a boil. Lower the heat to a minimum and cook 3 to 5 ′. Filter and drink.
It can be sweetened with honey.
Roasting tea activates its stimulating properties.
In states of fatigue you can add a few drops of soy sauce (avoid in high blood pressure).
This tea can be given without inconvenience to children and replaces ordinary tea with advantages. It can be flavored by adding an orange or tangerine peel or with a piece of apple.

Banchá Tea should not be confused with Japanese Green Tea. The first when it is genuine contains leaves and pieces of trunk. Green Tea in general is only leaves and does not remain 3 years in the plant.

  • Banchá Tea can also be used for eye washes when eyesight is inflamed or conjunctivitis is present. To do this, we prepare a cup of Banchá Tea and add 1 teaspoon of coarse sea salt, once warm it is ready to be used.
  • In case of flow or inflammation, sitz baths can be performed.
  • The basic difference between black tea (the one that is commonly used) and Banchá, lies in the high content of theine of the former and its exciting and astringent effect due to the presence of theine and theobromine. In general, I advise against its use, except externally.
  • Black tea increases the heart rate, so it should not be taken by those with this type of disorders or by hypertensive people.
  • It has a vasodilator effect which is harmful to those who suffer from varicose veins, hemorrhoids and circulatory disorders in general.
  • Avoid in ulcers and gastritis because it activates gastric juices.
  • The alkaloids present in black tea inhibit the absorption of calcium and iron.
  • Due to the presence of purines, it should be avoided when there are kidney problems, uric acid and gout.
  • Therapeutically it can be used as eye drops when eyesight is inflamed or for conjunctivitis.
  • Cold tea compresses can be made to reduce bags that appear under the eyes.

History of the tea plant in general

It is originally from China and dates back to 2,737 BC.

Legend has it that a Hindu prince turned Buddhist monk, promised to dedicate 9 years of his life to contemplation, but after 3 years he fell asleep overcome by fatigue. Upon awakening, he was enraged for not having achieved his mission and in a fit tore his eyelids off and threw them to the ground. Instantly a tea plant was miraculously born, which ever since "allowed the monks to remain vigilant."

In the middle of the seventeenth century he entered England and it was Queen Victoria who established the famous "five o'clock tea".

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